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Cape San Blas Beach

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Families love the beach at Cape San Blas, for the beautiful soft, sugary white sand, the clear blue-green water, the low gentle surf, the fact that it is dog-friendly, and most of all that it is still reminiscent of Old Florida. Our beach is a quiet paradise perfect for reading, walking, shell-hunting, sun bathing, fishing, enjoying the water, playing with your kids, walking your dog, watching the spectacular sunsets, and making old-fashioned family memories.

Cape San Blas Family Friendly Beaches
Cape San Blas Family Friendly Beaches

Our shoreline offers the perfect place for you to hunt for unique treasures, from beautiful driftwood to a variety of sea shells.  You’re not likely to come back empty handed - just make sure your treasure is not the home to an interesting marine creature.  Remember that shelling is influenced by the tides and the weather.  So although you may not find anything at one point in the day, you may come back out later and find a treasure trove has been washed in. To assist you in identifying your finds, check out this great local shelling guide.

In Gulf County, we allow bonfires on the beach.  Please make sure you are at least 100 yards from any homes.  After you have enjoyed your s’mores and story-telling, be sure to fully extinguish your fire.  Then once everything is completely cool, please remember to remove all debris from the beach with a shovel and bucket.  Don’t burn anything with nails in it, because those get left behind and pose a dangerous risk for feet and paws the next day. (Gulf County Ordinance 2015-07)

All Gulf County beaches, except in St. Joseph State Park, are truly dog-friendly.  We do have a leash law, but that doesn’t stop your pet from having fun.  Just bring a long lead so they can be active.  To keep our beaches clean and beautiful, we ask that you please always pick up after your pet and dispose of all waste in an appropriate trash receptacle.  Please don’t bury pet waste, as children love to dig in the sand.  Also, please protect your pet from the heat, by always providing shade and fresh drinking water for them.  And take them inside for the hottest part of the day.

Dog-friendly Gulf County beaches


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